Hack-Proof Your Car in 5 Easy Steps

Keyless entry cars are the current trend in the automobile market today. In Brisbane, most car owners prefer cars like a Kia Rio for instance, that has modern features for convenience. Car owners need not use any keys to open and drive the car. Kia Rio service centres in Brisbane often receive inquiries on a car’s keyless system features and compare it with other brands.

Since everything has become digital nowadays, auto thieves have also gone digital. They have discovered advanced means to steal your car by hacking its system. Knowing how to prevent car thieves from hacking your keyless entry system will help you keep your car safe. Below are some tips to restrict auto thieves from running away with your car:

1. Keep Key Fobs in Metal Box

Credit cards and passports are not the only ones you need to protect from hackers these days. Even your keyless fobs need to be kept safe. Since it emits radio frequency ID chips like the ones found in credit cards, hacking it is a breeze for tech savvy thieves.

2. Additional Security Measures

It’s not enough that you lock your car doors and keep your key fobs inside the house. Having additional security measures such as keeping your car in a locked garage would help. It would be best if you install a security camera and alarm on your garage to prevent anyone from breaking in. If you have to park your car somewhere, make sure it is parked in a well-lit area with security cameras nearby to deter tech savvy thieves. See more here Toowong Kia

3. Use Old-Fashioned Steering Wheel Lock

It is possible for tech savvy thieves to break into your car by hacking its system, but if you have installed a tried-and-tested steering wheel lock, they cannot drive away with it. You can ask any Kia Rio service centre for recommendations on the type of steering wheel lock that is perfect for your Kia car model.

4. Hide Your Wifi Password

Some car models of Kia demos Brisbane wide have wifi hotspot service. This allows owners to lock and unlock doors remotely, as well as start the engine. Keeping your passwords in the glove box might make it easier for car hackers to drive away with your car. If you share the car with a family member, also warn them against sharing the car’s wifi password.

5. Contact Your Manufacturer

Your manufacturer will keep you informed if there is an available software update for your car. Software updates are important to correct any bugs that make your car vulnerable to theft. If there are any recall issues involving your car model, keeping in touch with your manufacturer or a Kia Rio service centre will also help.

Be sure to remember these tips to keep your car from being stolen. If you are using a Kia Cerato, you can also ask dealers of Kia Cerato specials for suggestions in keeping your car safe. Thieves these days are more tech savvy than you might ever be and the best way to prevent them from hacking your car is to put security measures in place.