Some Exceptional Features of Skoda Cars

Skoda is a Czech automobile company and now a group of Volkswagen. Skoda has been introducing cars in several designs and at regular intervals. The Skoda new cars have gained popularity because of their enticing design, luxurious interior and priority for safe driving.

Visit Authorized Dealers

If you want to buy new Skoda cars, you may visit any of the authorized dealers where the cars are on display. The experienced technicians of the dealer would explain all the salient features of the car to you.

Test Drive

If you want to test-drive the car, the dealer would arrange it for you. However, in the normal course, you may have to book your appointment for test driving. When you are on a test drive, an authorized technician will accompany you and explain the various utilities available in the car. This will help you to get a closer insight into the features available in Skoda new cars. Check Brisbane City Skoda for more details.

Cars in Popular Models

Skoda has been introducing new cars in various models like, for example, Octavia, Fabia, Rapid, Superb and Yeti. Salient features of some of the Skoda new cars are briefly furnished here:

Octavia RS: This car is known for its fuel economy of 5.2 Liters per 100 kilometers. You have the option of turbocharged engines of 162TSI or 135TDI version. The car has superior quality sports engine, and it is also provided with B1 Xenon lamps; each lamp having individual diodes. This makes the light considerably powerful and adds to safety while during night time. The cockpit of the car comprises of the steering wheel having multifunction utility. Car stereo, Bluetooth, air conditioner, elegant and comfortable sports seats are the other main features of Octavia RS cars.

Fabia Monte Carlo: The exterior utilities provided in this car are fog lights, 16” alloy steel wheels, rear tailgate lamp, privacy glass and wing mirror. The interior of the car consists of utilities like the Bluetooth, mobile device interface (MDI), leather steering wheel, air conditioner, safety bag and various other utilities. The car is provided with six airbags for added safety of the passengers and the driver. Gear change recommendation is one of the exclusive utilities of this car. The car is provided with five-speed manual as well as the anti-slip regulation device.

Yeti: If you are looking for a next-generation SUV car, Yeti could be one of the best Skoda deals. The car, apart from its undisputed exterior elegance and features, the car is also provided with several exclusive interior utilities, which make the journey in Yeti much comfortable. Some of the luxuries available in the interior are an air conditioner, Bluetooth, Sunroof, air bags and sufficient leg space. Some of the exterior utilities provided in the car include Xenon headlamp, daytime running lights and fog lights.

Other Services

In addition to these, authorized dealers of the new Skoda yeti also provide other important services, which include repair and servicing of all brands of Skoda cars. They also supply genuine spare parts. If you want to avail loan for buying the Skoda cars, the authorized dealer will introduce you to popular financial institutions. The authorized dealers also market used Skoda cars at affordable prices. Every product you buy from these dealers is provided with an appropriate warranty.

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