There is wisdom behind buying Kia Carnival cars

Kia motors has introduced several models of cars both in economy, sports and SUV category. Some of the popular models introduced by Kia are Rio, Forte, Soul, Optima and Carnival. Recently, Kia has introduced to the market the third generation of new kia carnival Brisbane wide, which is considered to be a departure from cars of similar category. In an article published in the magazine ‘Motoring’ on July 10, 2015, Rob Maetzig writes Kia supplied 25 third-generation  Carnival cars for use during the U 20 football match. This was done even before the car was officially launched. Rob mentions that the response to Carnival was such that people evinced considerable interest in the car. Kia lost no time in making best use of this publicity secured by Carnival.

Save on holiday tours:

The Kia Carnival car can also be called as ‘people mover car’ and it can be an ideal car for your weekly holiday tour. The eight seat car with ample boot and luggage space and 80 liter capacity fuel tank makes it an ideal car for long hours of journey. Added to this, the Carnival gives you the highest mileage of 7.7 liters per 100 kilometer. That would be a wonderful opportunity to save money on your holiday tour.

Safety features:

Safety has been the hallmark of new Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers sell. Some of the safety features provided in this third-generation Carnival include keyless entry, rear view camera, parking assist, forward collision warning, blind spot warning and high beam headlamp for safe night driving. It is no wonder Carnival has won ‘five stars’ in the ANCAP safety rating of Australia.

Specifications in brief:

As far the specifications of new Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers sell are concerned, it is powered by a 3.3-liter, 6-cylinder engine. This gives enormous power to the engine, and it also enhances the performance of the car. In addition to this, it also enhances the durability of the engine. In fact, the engine of the Carnival produces a torque of 440 Nm. Further, Kia carnival has 18” alloy wheel base to ensure safe driving on roads with hostile terrain.

Luxuries in the Kia Carnival:

Apart from safety and performance, the new Kia Carnival also gives due importance to the comfort of the passengers. To achieve this, the manufacturers have provided various utilities like the dual-zone air conditioner, Bluetooth, speakers, sat-nav, 7” color navigation and heated/cooled front seat. Remember, these are some of the several comforts available in the Kia Carnival.

Attractive exterior:

Apart from these, Kia Carnival is also popular for its stunning exterior. With its wide body measuring 5115 mm in length, 1985 mm in width and 1755 mm height, the Kia Carnival can be an ideal vehicle for those who want comfort while travelling.

Extended services:

You may visit the authorized showroom in your locality to purchase kia carnival. It is strongly suggested that you may go on a test drive of the car so as to experience its performance. The authorized showrooms will provide you many extended services like assistance in obtaining a loan for buying the car, insurance of the car and even service and repair of all models of Kia cars. As a matter of fact, the authorized service centers will provide repair service 24/7. In fact, these authorized service centers are a one-stop shop for your needs regarding Kia cars.